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The Reiki Vision Cards are 45 universally-inspired cards created for your personal growth, self discovery, and contemplation by Charlie IronEyes, Reiki Master. This beautifully-designed deck of 45 cards in 5 colored suites based on the 5 Precepts can provide clarity in facilitation of your life journey. The comprehensive 100 page hardcover guidebook shows you how to interpret the cards.

....."We have within us the answer to all our life questions. 
What is needed is a means of accessing that knowledge." 
Charlie IronEyes

Charlie IronEyes, DD, CCHT, has been involved in the healing arts for the greater part of his life. His studies include the teachings of his Native American heritage, as well as the studies of Eastern cultures. Some years ago he was introduced to Reiki by a spiritual teacher from India. He was initiated as a Reiki Master in 1988. He has brought the gift of Reiki to hundreds of students throughout the western United States. His gentle, loving, insightful approach to healing has touched many lives through his years of practice. Through the Reiki Vision Cards, Charlie has made the Reiki precepts available to everyone as powerful transformational tools. Image of Charlie IronEyes, a Reiki Master.

"As a Reiki Master; I applaud and recommend the Reiki Vision cards and guidebook. They are practical subtle, and profoundly useful to any Reiki practitioner, or for that matter, to anyone."

"I've been an effective, successful intuitive healer for many years. The Reiki Vision Cards are key adjuncts to my practice, which continues to grow."

"I choose a card every morning from my Reiki Vision Card deck to help set my focus and intentions for the rest of the day. This leaves me in a centered and positive state of mind."

"I'm amazed and humbled by the wisdom and potential these cards help me realize in myself. As a result I serve others from a space of abundance."

"I've used many different divination techniques. This is the only one I've ever used that shows me the answers to my questions by showing me how to discover for myself that I myself am the answer to
whatever it is I'm asking."

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