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Image of yellow Reiki Card for Reflections. Image of Reiki Vision Card in green for Healing. Image of Reiki Vision Card in purple for respect. Image of Reiki Vision Card in red for abundance. Image for Reiki Vision Card in blue for Play.

I have always been interested in the intuitive card process. I have used the I Ching, Runes, as well as Tarot cards and Medicine cards.

I am not sure when the first thought of a set of intuitive cards expressly for Reiki occurred to me, but the idea of a set of cards directly connected to the energy of The Usui System was very appealing.

The process of creating the Reiki Vision Cards has been both challenging and enlightening. It was clear from the first, that the theme of the cards would be Dr. Usui’s Spiritual Precepts of Reiki. These Five Precepts are inscribed on the memorial erected to honor Usui Sensei at the Saihoji Temple in the Suginami district of Tokyo, Japan.

I wanted to bring the basic sense of trust in the wisdom of the healing energy that is Reiki, to the final design. Eventually a deck of 45 cards was created, using a single word and a kanji that corresponds with the word. These individual cards were created to pose evocative questions. The deck is divided into five suites with each suit containing nine cards. Each suite follows one of the Five Precepts. The first Precept is “Just for Today Do Not Worry.” My sense of this Precept is it suggests The Life Path/ The Journey. That path may suggest some different directions to each individual user that is the reason I have purposely refrained from giving specific directions or interpretations. I feel it best to allow the individual to draw upon their own conceptions for direction.

Reiki Vision Card layouts or spreads can be drawn from a shuffled deck of 45 cards, or from one 9 card shuffled suite or one of your choice. You may choose a single card for daily contemplation and meditation.

While the cards can be used in many ways, you can do a simple random layout with five cards. Take a moment before you begin to ask a question and then consult the book and study the five aspects of the layout cards. You may wish to keep a journal of your experiences as you use the Vision Cards.

I believe that we have within us the answer to all our life questions. What is needed is a means of accessing that knowledge. The use of this deck is a way to access this information. It is a simple and direct way to ask those questions and then quietly listen to the direction from within. Whether you act on these directions depends on your personal judgment.

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